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Monetization guidelines

The approval system has been implemented to ensure all apps made with Kodular stick to a basic set of standards that we believe are essential to ensuring advertisers are not scammed. The system helps us filter out low quality apps which seek to mint money by polluting apps with ads.

We at Kodular encourage you to make apps of your own, either by starting from scratch or remixing projects made by other Koders.
The approval system prevents copies of the same app being monetised and distributed (often with no attribution to the original app developer).

By submitting your app for review, you agree that your app adheres to the following guidelines. Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in your app being rejected or blocked. Your app will be automatically blocked after 3 consecutive rejections, meaning it cannot request for more ads approvals.

All requests must be submitted in English.

You must supply a meaningful description for your app, give as much information as you can, tell us exactly what your app is.
Descriptions that have been copied from other users or sites will not be approved along with descriptions that are brief, repetitive, demanding or don't clearly explain the purpose of your app.

You cannot monetise apps that relate to sensitive events. Such examples are the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Apps with the sole purpose of watching ads or completing tasks in exchange for real-life currency (commonly known as 'earning apps'), or encourage users to click on ads are strictly prohibited and will be blocked. Earning apps could also result in suspension of your Google Play, AdMob or Kodular account.

Browser apps, apps that show content or media from other websites without the permission from the owner, or apps that use a trademarked name (for example "Facebook") are also not tolerated.

Any attempts to disguise the content of your app such as changing the name, package name, app description, or category to mask its actual content can result in a permanent suspension of your Kodular account.

After your app is approved, you understand that Kodular has the authority to reject or block the app at any time if it deems the app no longer adheres to the guidelines.

Last update: June 28, 2021