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Facebook Rewarded Video

Non-Visible component
Category Requires Version
Monetization > Advertising API 21, Android 5.0 Lollipop 2


A non-visible component that shows Facebook ads as full-screen video where users receive in-app rewards for viewing the ads.



Type: Fixed Rate Value: 12%


Ad Closed

Called when the user is about to return to the application after clicking on an ad.

Ad Failed To Load

Called when an ad request failed to load. The message will display the error code and error message.

error Code Number
error Message Text

Ad Loaded

Called when an ad is received.

Ad Opened

Called when an ad was opened.

Ad Video Completed

Called when an video ad was completed.

Ad Video Started

Called when an video ad started to show content.


Called when an ad request failed. message will display the reason for why the ad failed.

error Text


Load Ad

Loads a new ad.

Show Ad

Shows an ad to the user.


Placement ID

Text ➖ Write - Designer

Property for PlacementID

Rewarded Video Commission

⚠ Deprecated

Text Default: unity ➖ Write - Designer Blocks

Sets the ad network used to take the commission.

Last update: November 9, 2022