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Keyboard Shortcuts

To make frequently used actions more accessible, we provide you with these keyboard shortcuts. The same can accessed from Help > Show keyboard shortcuts in the Creator.

Action Combination
Create new project Alt + Shift + N
Import project (.aia) Alt + Shift + I
Rename project Alt + R
Delete project Alt + Shift + X
Add new screen Alt + N
Import screen (.ais) Alt + I
Copy screen Alt + C
Delete screen Alt + X
Switch to Designer Alt + D
Switch to Blocks Editor Alt + B
Open Assets Manager Alt + A
Open projects dashboard Alt + O
Export app as APK Alt + E
Export app as AAB Alt + Shift + E
Cut component Ctrl + X
Copy component Ctrl + C
Duplicate component Ctrl + D
Paste component Ctrl + V
Paste component properties Ctrl + Shift + V
Delete component Del / Backspace
Navigate components /
Toggle palette search bar Ctrl + \
Open this dialog Ctrl + ?

Last update: January 2, 2021