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Kodular Fenix

Kodular Fenix

1.5 Fenix | 15 July 2021

Major Changes

  • Reverted Ads Commission system. We hear you when you say commissions are a hassle to calculate; we are bringing back our legacy system of simpler commissions for each component. You can find their values in their respective docs pages.

  • Migrated to AndroidX libraries. Our sources no longer use legacy support libraries and have switched to AndroidX. Some extensions may face crashes until their developers upgrade them.

  • Added new app settings modal. Generic app settings that were previously placed in Screen1’s properties or properties that were global for the app have been moved to a new app settings modal just next to the Designer/Blocks buttons. Here’s a full list of properties that have been moved:

    • App Name Screen1 > General
    • Icon Screen1 > General
    • Splash Screen Screen1 > General
    • Splash Image Screen1 > General
    • Accepted Shared File Types Screen1 > General
    • Sizing Screen1 > General
    • Show Lists As Json Screen1 > General
    • RTL Support Screen1 > General
    • Tutorial URL Screen1 > General
    • Primary Color Screen1 > Theming
    • Primary Color Dark Screen1 > Theming
    • Accent Color Screen1 > Theming
    • Theme Screen1 > Theming
    • Minimum SDK Level Screen1 > Publishing
    • Package Name Screen1 > Publishing
    • Version Code Screen1 > Publishing
    • Version Name Screen1 > Publishing
    • Google Ads App ID AdMob/Ad Manager > Monetization
    • Google Play Games App ID Google Play Games > API Keys
    • OneSignal App ID OneSignal > API Keys
    • Google Maps App ID Google Maps > API Keys
  • links will be valid for only 10 minutes. Generated links will move from a 2-hour validity to just 10 minutes.

  • Implemented metadata annotations for extensions.

New Components

  • Google reCaptcha Google image|266x155

  • Banner Ad Monetization > Advertising image|244x206

  • Interstitial Ad Monetization > Advertising image|238x203

  • Rewarded Ad Monetization > Advertising image|244x205

  • ExoPlayer Moved to Experimental

  • YouTube Player Moved to Experimental

New Features

  • Label User Interface

    • Added Max Lines property. Advanced image|278x50
  • Textbox User Interface

    • Added Max Lines property. Advanced image|278x50
  • Google Maps Google

    • Added API Key property. App Settings Modal image|606x135
  • AdMob Banner Monetization > Advertising

    • Added App ID property. App Settings Modal image|614x137
  • AdMob Interstitial Monetization > Advertising

    • Added App ID property. App Settings Modal image|614x137
  • AdMob Rewarded Video Monetization > Advertising

    • Added App ID property. App Settings Modal image|614x137

Library Upgrades

  • Material Icons Font > latest
  • Facebook Audience Network > 6.5.0
  • Onesignal SDK > 3.15.6
  • Play Billing > 3.0.3
  • Play Services > 18.0.0

Bugs Fixed

  • Enhanced anti-malicious extension system. We have improved our malicious extension detection system; now apps won't start if a malicious extension is detected.

  • Fixed assets bug. There was a small bug that caused assets to not load sometimes due to a missing file:// in path.

  • Fixed buildserver bug that them caused to sometimes fatally terminate. Buildservers should be more stable now with this bugfix.

  • Fixed bug in File/Exists block. The Exists block should now work as expected.

  • Relative file paths are now accepted in File/Copy block. Only absolute paths were working; now relative paths work too.

  • Allow Lottie to access assets from Companion. Lottie component was previously not loading assets in the Companion.

  • OneSignal now shows native notifications if app is focused. A new native notification will show instead of the standard Android dialog when triggered if the app is open.

  • Fixed Play Billing component. We have refactored and fixed this outdated component.

  • Mitigate Chrome 89 change. The Companion should now work as expected on Chromium browsers.

1.5.1 Fenix | 02 August 2021

Behaviour Changes

  • Download app button now opens a new tab. It was instead opening the link in the same tab, causing some navigation issues.

  • Upgraded the extension protection system. Now your apps will be safer from malicious extensions.

  • Changed default app name to "Kodular App". Now by default, app names will not be blank.

  • Changed Google Ad Manager ad unit format. Rebuilds are required for apps exported before this update.

Component Changes

  • YouTube Player Moved to Google

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed Web Viewer positioning. Web Viewer was rendering in a different position rather than the defined one.

  • Fixed File provider issue. Manifest contained Kodular's package name rather than real app package name.

  • Fixed copying assets in Companion. The original path was being replaced.

  • Fixed Google Ad Manager test mode. Companion will now be forced to display test ads.

  • Fix issue with extension info being lost in builds

1.5.2 Fenix | 15 September 2021

Behaviour Changes

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed State Progress Bar causing issues with AndroidX. We have updated SPB library to be compatible with AndroidX sources.

  • Improved file saving in Creator. After fixing a couple of bugs, we will be saving files with more confidence, and better handling those errors.

  • Fix AAB asset compression breaking media files. *Assets within AAB files should now work properly with multimedia components.

1.5.3 Fenix | 03 October 2021

Behaviour Changes

  • Google Ad Manager monetization components are now available for everyone. You can now go to your My Kodular payments section, and apply for a child account to start maximizing your revenue.

Bug Fixed

  • Fix building apps with non-ASCII app names. It turns out that the Java Properties class was reading/writing using a different default charset depending on whether the method is called with an InputStream or a Reader.

1.5.4 Fenix | 26 April 2022

Behaviour Changes

  • Increased Minimum SDK to 21 (Android 5.0 🍭) We're bumping Minimum SDK to be able to add more features to the platform later on. Based on usage analytics, this
  • increment will have a minimum impact over the entire users' pool.

  • App Name can be defined in the creation modal When creating a new project, you can now set the app's name directly from the initial dialog.

  • Add dropdown blocks to the blocks editor.

Components Changes

  • Admob Banner Not available to new projects anymore

  • Admob Interstitial Not available to new projects anymore

  • Admob Rewarded Video Not available to new projects anymore

New Blocks

  • Custom Tabs component
  • Added Prefer Native property

  • Pollfish component

  • Added Request UUID block property

Bug Fixed

1.5.5 Fenix | 26 June 2022

Behaviour Changes

  • Implemented Target SDK 30 (Android 11) We've finally fully implemented and integrated Target SDK 30 in our system, to make all apps compatible with Android
  • It took a little bit more than expected because of lots of breaking changes in the Android filesystem. Target SDK 31 (Android 12) will arrive in a few weeks, but there are not so many changes required.

Components Changes

  • Admob Banner Not available anymore, please switch to Google Ad Manager

  • Admob Interstitial Not available anymore, please switch to Google Ad Manager

  • Admob Rewarded Video Not available anymore, please switch to Google Ad Manager

Bug Fixed

1.5.6 Fenix | 04 July 2022

Behavioral Changes

  • Allow setting a custom Floor eCPM value per ad component If you are using Google Ad Manager components, you can now specify a custom Floor eCPM value for each of your ad slots. It is recommended to keep it in Optimized, so Google chooses the best inventory to suit your needs. image|295x471, 75%image|507x40, 75%

Bugs Fixed

  • Added missing upgrader for File component.

  • Fixed Exists method in File component.

  • Fixed Is Directory method in File component.

  • Fixed specific case when pathBlock had a null case in File component.

  • Fixed null-pointer exception when property type is missing in File component.

  • Fixed Test Mode in Google Ad Manager components.

  • Fixed ad sizes in Google Ad Manager components.

  • Fixed Notification Opened event wrongly triggering in Push Notifications component.

  • Fixed text direction in components using Text View.

  • Fixed some alignments using a wrong gravity values.

  • Some other minor bugs have been fixes.

1.5B.0 Fenix | 13 July 2022

Behavioral Changes

  • Introducing Kodular Premium We will be actively monitoring user feedback. We have already received some suggestions about it, and we will probably increase the extension limit in the upcoming days.

Bugs Fixed

  • Reduced built app size by removing unused libraries.

  • Some other minor bugs have been fixes.

1.5B.1 Fenix | 31 July 2022

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed Premium payments which were taking a few hours to reflect changes.

  • Fixed Download component missing permission.

  • Fixed some permissions bugs related to Android 11.

  • Some other minor bugs have been fixes.

1.5B.2 Fenix | 08 October 2022

Major Changes

  • Update Target SDK to 31 (Android 12)

Bugs Fixed

1.5B.3 Fenix | 12 February 2023

Components Changes

  • Added new In-App Review component.

  • Deprecated Google Admob components. This component no longer serves ads, please switch to Google Ad Manager.

Bugs Fixed

  • Upgraded Google Play libraries.

  • Some other minor bugs have been fixes.

Last update: February 12, 2023