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Kodular Fenix

Kodular Fenix

1.5 Fenix | 15 July 2021

Major Changes

  • Reverted Ads Commission system.
    We hear you when you say commissions are a hassle to calculate; we are bringing back our legacy system of simpler commissions for each component. You can find their values in their respective docs pages.

  • Migrated to AndroidX libraries.
    Our sources no longer use legacy support libraries and have switched to AndroidX. Some extensions may face crashes until their developers upgrade them.

  • Added new app settings modal.
    Generic app settings that were previously placed in Screen1’s properties or properties that were global for the app have been moved to a new app settings modal just next to the Designer/Blocks buttons. Here’s a full list of properties that have been moved:

    • App Name Screen1 > General
    • Icon Screen1 > General
    • Splash Screen Screen1 > General
    • Splash Image Screen1 > General
    • Accepted Shared File Types Screen1 > General
    • Sizing Screen1 > General
    • Show Lists As Json Screen1 > General
    • RTL Support Screen1 > General
    • Tutorial URL Screen1 > General
    • Primary Color Screen1 > Theming
    • Primary Color Dark Screen1 > Theming
    • Accent Color Screen1 > Theming
    • Theme Screen1 > Theming
    • Minimum SDK Level Screen1 > Publishing
    • Package Name Screen1 > Publishing
    • Version Code Screen1 > Publishing
    • Version Name Screen1 > Publishing
    • Google Ads App ID AdMob/Ad Manager > Monetization
    • Google Play Games App ID Google Play Games > API Keys
    • OneSignal App ID OneSignal > API Keys
    • Google Maps App ID Google Maps > API Keys
  • links will be valid for only 10 minutes.
    Generated links will move from a 2-hour validity to just 10 minutes.

  • Implemented metadata annotations for extensions.

New Components

  • Google reCaptcha Google

  • Banner Ad Monetization > Advertising

  • Interstitial Ad Monetization > Advertising

  • Rewarded Ad Monetization > Advertising

  • ExoPlayer Moved to Experimental

  • YouTube Player Moved to Experimental

New Features

  • Label User Interface

    • Added Max Lines property. Advanced
  • Textbox User Interface

    • Added Max Lines property. Advanced
  • Google Maps Google

    • Added API Key property. App Settings Modal
  • AdMob Banner Monetization > Advertising

    • Added App ID property. App Settings Modal
  • AdMob Interstitial Monetization > Advertising

    • Added App ID property. App Settings Modal
  • AdMob Rewarded Video Monetization > Advertising

    • Added App ID property. App Settings Modal

Library Upgrades

  • Material Icons Font > latest
  • Facebook Audience Network > 6.5.0
  • Onesignal SDK > 3.15.6
  • Play Billing > 3.0.3
  • Play Services > 18.0.0

Bugs Fixed

  • Enhanced anti-malicious extension system.
    We have improved our malicious extension detection system; now apps won't start if a malicious extension is detected.

  • Fixed assets bug.
    There was a small bug that caused assets to not load sometimes due to a missing file:// in path.

  • Fixed buildserver bug that them caused to sometimes fatally terminate.
    Buildservers should be more stable now with this bugfix.

  • Fixed bug in File/Exists block.
    The Exists block should now work as expected.

  • Relative file paths are now accepted in File/Copy block.
    Only absolute paths were working; now relative paths work too.

  • Allow Lottie to access assets from Companion.
    Lottie component was previously not loading assets in the Companion.

  • OneSignal now shows native notifications if app is focused.
    A new native notification will show instead of the standard Android dialog when triggered if the app is open.

  • Fixed Play Billing component.
    We have refactored and fixed this outdated component.

  • Mitigate Chrome 89 change.
    The Companion should now work as expected on Chromium browsers.

1.5.1 Fenix | 02 August 2021

Behaviour Changes

  • Download app button now opens a new tab.
    It was instead opening the link in the same tab, causing some navigation issues.

  • Upgraded the extension protection system.
    Now your apps will be safer from malicious extensions.

  • Changed default app name to "Kodular App".
    Now by default, app names will not be blank.

  • Changed Google Ad Manager ad unit format.
    Rebuilds are required for apps exported before this update.

Component Changes

  • YouTube Player Moved to Google

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed Web Viewer positioning.
    Web Viewer was rendering in a different position rather than the defined one.

  • Fixed File provider issue.
    Manifest contained Kodular's package name rather than real app package name.

  • Fixed copying assets in Companion.
    The original path was being replaced.

  • Fixed Google Ad Manager test mode.
    Companion will now be forced to display test ads.

  • Fix issue with extension info being lost in builds

1.5.2 Fenix | 15 September 2021

Behaviour Changes

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed State Progress Bar causing issues with AndroidX.
    We have updated SPB library to be compatible with AndroidX sources.

  • Improved file saving in Creator.
    After fixing a couple of bugs, we will be saving files with more confidence, and better handling those errors.

  • Fix AAB asset compression breaking media files.
    *Assets within AAB files should now work properly with multimedia components.

1.5.3 Fenix | 03 October 2021

Behaviour Changes

  • Google Ad Manager monetization components are now available for everyone.
    You can now go to your My Kodular payments section, and apply for a child account to start maximizing your revenue.

Bug Fixed

  • Fix building apps with non-ASCII app names. It turns out that the Java Properties class was reading/writing using a different default charset depending on whether the method is called with an InputStream or a Reader.

1.5.4 Fenix | 26 April 2022

Behaviour Changes

  • Increased Minimum SDK to 21 (Android 5.0 🍭)
    We're bumping Minimum SDK to be able to add more features to the platform later on. Based on usage analytics, this
  • increment will have a minimum impact over the entire users' pool.

  • App Name can be defined in the creation modal
    When creating a new project, you can now set the app's name directly from the initial dialog.

  • Add dropdown blocks to the blocks editor.

Components Changes

  • Admob Banner
    Not available to new projects anymore

  • Admob Interstitial
    Not available to new projects anymore

  • Admob Rewarded Video
    Not available to new projects anymore

New Blocks

  • Custom Tabs component
  • Added Prefer Native property

  • Pollfish component

  • Added Request UUID block property

Bug Fixed

1.5.5 Fenix | 26 June 2022

Behaviour Changes

  • Implemented Target SDK 30 (Android 11)
    We've finally fully implemented and integrated Target SDK 30 in our system, to make all apps compatible with Android
  • It took a little bit more than expected because of lots of breaking changes in the Android filesystem.
    Target SDK 31 (Android 12) will arrive in a few weeks, but there are not so many changes required.

Components Changes

  • Admob Banner
    Not available anymore, please switch to Google Ad Manager

  • Admob Interstitial
    Not available anymore, please switch to Google Ad Manager

  • Admob Rewarded Video
    Not available anymore, please switch to Google Ad Manager

Bug Fixed

1.5.6 Fenix | 04 July 2022

Behavioral Changes

  • Allow setting a custom Floor eCPM value per ad component
    If you are using Google Ad Manager components, you can now specify a custom Floor eCPM value for each of your ad slots. It is recommended to keep it in Optimized, so Google chooses the best inventory to suit your needs.
    image|295x471, 75%image|507x40, 75%

Bugs Fixed

  • Added missing upgrader for File component.

  • Fixed Exists method in File component.

  • Fixed Is Directory method in File component.

  • Fixed specific case when pathBlock had a null case in File component.

  • Fixed null-pointer exception when property type is missing in File component.

  • Fixed Test Mode in Google Ad Manager components.

  • Fixed ad sizes in Google Ad Manager components.

  • Fixed Notification Opened event wrongly triggering in Push Notifications component.

  • Fixed text direction in components using Text View.

  • Fixed some alignments using a wrong gravity values.

  • Some other minor bugs have been fixes.

Last update: July 3, 2022