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Kodular Andromeda

Kodular Andromeda

1.0 Andromeda | 22 June 2018

Major Changes

  • Upgraded Minimum API from 14 (Android 4.0) to 16 (Android 4.1)
  • Added Copy Screen feature
    • Added Import Screen (.AIS) and Export Screen (.AIS)
  • Added British English and Portuguese languages
  • Added a nice Welcome Email for new users
  • Upgraded Google Login system
    • Say bye to that ugly Google Login, and say hello to OAuth2
  • Implemented Email & Password login system
    • Welcome China users! You can now use Kodular without a VPN
  • Implemented Runtime Permission system
  • Upgraded Target SDK to API 27 (Android 8.1)
    • This warning will NOT appear again: image
    • Kodular is the first builder on implementing a real Target SDK 27, as it’s required to have runtime permissions as we use now
  • Improved server perfomance
    • See “Servers” section
  • Added fancy error pages when 5xx error appears
  • Changed Default Package Name
    • Changed from to
    • This only applies to new apps. Old created apps will still have the old format
  • Removed 10MB app limit
    • Testing showed that now the limit is on 20MB
  • Removed black SplashScreen
    • You can now even set your own image!
  • Added new blocks
    • Break” block will allow you to stop loops
    • Wait for milliseconds” block will allow you to stop the execution of your code X milliseconds
  • You can now delete a single block/group of blocks from the Backpack
  • Added abilty to move blocks with arrow keys on Blocks Editor
  • General Data Protection Regulation:
    • Added to AdMob components new dialog asking for consent for EU users to show customized ads
    • Added warning when dropping AdMob components to phone

New Services

  • Kodular Account Centralized login system for all Kodular Services and control panel for your data
  • Kodular IDE Build Kodular Extensions online without installing any external software
  • Kodular Store New online Store developed by Kodular to share Apps, AIAs, Screens and Extensions


  • AppEngine instance uses now better servers so lag should have been reduced
  • Three compilers will now be processing app builds:
    • Dedicated VPS Cloud servers with 2 CPUs up to 3.1GHz, 4GB of RAM and 100MB/s of minimum bandwidth
    • In front of all of them there is a dedicated load balancer in ArubaCloud redirecting requests to reduce their loads
      • This allows us to create new compilers without having to stop our service or build requests
      • It will also automatically stop forwarding traffic to compilers that are down until they are fixed
    • Thanks to our partner ArubaCloud, Kodular Servers are much powerful now


  • Changed Companion design
    • Now it’s much more simple, clean and useful
  • Changed Companion Package Name to io.makeroid.companion
    • Previously com.makeroid.companion
  • Companion is now only compatible with Android 5.0 or higher
  • Implemented some translations on Companion

UI Changes

  • Mock-Phone Preview: This means that these settings, when changed, will be now updated on the phone preview
    • Show/Hide Navigation Bar
    • Show/Hide Status Bar
    • Show/Hide Title Bar
    • Show/Hide 3 Dots
    • Color of Navigation Bar
    • Color of TitleBar Text
    • Text of TitleBar Subtitle
    • Properties of Radio Button
    • Clickable property of any Layout
    • Kodular wants to be unique, so our amazing designer @Vishwas implemented the official Material Design into Kodular Builder
    • Now it is much clean and simple:
      • Added a SearchBox in Palette
      • Moved properties to hidden panel, so if you want to show them just click on the name of a Component
      • Added categories to properties for a better sorting
    • And, yeah, you are right. All SneakPeeks were “fake” We’ve used the old design in the SneakPeeks because we didn’t want to leak anything releated with it
  • Redesigned Building Project dialog
    • Added Hide Dialog button
  • Non-Visible components names are now visible below Mock-Phone
  • Increased SplashScreen height
  • Added country flags next to their respective languages on Language Selector
  • Fixed Dark Theme

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed Layouts issues
    • Layouts were always clickable
    • Extensions that were depending on Layouts weren’t working properly
  • Fixed TitleBar Tabs issue which made them to have the previous color when TitleBar Color was changed
  • Fixed ListView NullPointerException on some devices
  • Fixed Show/Hide Navigation Bar not working in some devices
  • Fixed “reset” Screen bug on Orientation Change
  • Fixed Logout issue which was logging out from ALL Google Accounts
  • Fixed Color for StatusBar and TitleBar issue
  • Fixed TopBar buttons issue which was overriding the created tab
  • Fixed blocks getting stacked on top of eachother
  • Fixed Blockly Translations issue
  • Fixed Custom Package Name
  • Fixed Tablet-Mode bug causing strange behaiours on refreshing

New Components

  • Added new Bottom Sheet component to User Interface category
  • Added new Circular Progress component to User Interface category
  • Added new Linear Progress component to User Interface category
  • Added new Snack Bar component to User Interface category
  • Added new View Flipper component to User Interface category
  • Added new Card View component to Layout category
  • Added new ExoPlayer component to Media category
  • Added new Maps components to new Maps category
    • Thanks to MIT App Inventor Team
  • Added new Dynamic Button component to new Dynamic category
  • Added new Dynamic Label component to new Dynamic category
  • Added new Dynamic TextBox component to new Dynamic category
  • Added new Amazon Ads components to Monetization category
    • Thanks to AppyBuilder Team
      • Amazon Banner
      • Amazon Interstitial
  • Added new Facebook Ads components to Monetization category
    • Facebook Banner
    • Facebook Interstitial
  • Added new Shell component to Experimental category
  • Renamed Google Map to Google Maps
  • Moved Surface View to Layout Category

App Features

  • Side Menu This new feature allows you to create professional side menus from blocks. You will just need to design inside a Vertical Layout what you want, and then call it from blocks Download this APK for a demo, or read this tutorial to see how to create one
    • Functions:
      • SideMenu - Creates a Side Menu with the give Layout image
      • Side Menu Open - Opens the Side Menu image
      • Side Menu Close - Closes the Side Menu image
    • Properties:
      • Is Side Menu Open - Returns true if the Side Menu is open image
    • Events:
      • Side Menu Opened - Triggered when the Side Menu is opened image
      • Side Menu Closed - Triggered when the Side Menu is closed image
    • This feature is not fully compatible with the Companion and it can make it to crash
  • Splash Screen Based from this suggestion, Kodular has removed the black screen that appeard when app is loading Also, we have added some options for it if users wants to customize it more
    • Splash Enabled: If selected, the app will remove the black screen image
    • Splash Image (Available when Splash Enabled checked): If set, the app will show this image instead of the black image image
  • New Functions:
    • Add Menu Item with Icon: Adds an item to the menu but with an image image
  • New Properties:
    • About Screen Background Color: Sets the background color of the About Screen image
    • Accent Color: Sets the Accent Color of the App image
    • Primary Color / Title Bar Color: Sets the Primary Color of the App, which is the Title Bar Color if not set image
    • Primary Color Dark / Status Bar Color: Sets the Primary Dark Color of the app, which is the Status Bar Color if not set image
    • Screen Orientation: Added Behind, Full Sensor, No Sensor, Reverse, Landscape, Reverse Portrait, Sensor Landscape and Sensor Portrait image
    • Theme: Sets the theme for the app between Default, Light Theme or Dark Theme image

New Events

  • Notifier component
    • Custom Dialog Selection: triggered after selecting a Custom Dialog image
  • Web Viewer component
    • Web View String Change: triggered after the WebViewerString changes image
  • File component
    • After Zip: triggered after successful Zip image
    • After Unzip: triggered after successful Unzip image
    • On Zip Failure: triggered when an error occurrs in Zip or Unzip image

New Functions

  • Button component
    • Set Shadow: sets a shadow for the Button Thanks to AppyBuilder Team image
  • Checkbox component
    • Set Shadow: sets a shadow for the Checkbox Thanks to AppyBuilder Team image
  • Image component
    • Clear Image Tint Color: cleans the Tint Color set for the Image image
  • Notifier component
    • Create Custom Dialog: creates a Custom Dialog from the given component (removes it from the Screen and places in the Custom Dialog) image
  • Show Custom Dialog: shows a Custom Dialog image
  • Textbox component
    • Set Shadow: sets a shadow for the Textbox Thanks to AppyBuilder Team image
  • Canvas component
    • DrawArc: generates an Arc with the given params image
    • DrawShape: generates a Shape with the given points from a list image
  • File component
    • Zip: zips a given folder in the given path, with an optional password image
    • Unzip: unzips a given file in the given folder, with an optioanl password if set image
  • Device Tools component
    • Copy: copies the given text to the clipboard image
    • Parse: parsers the given string with _between a start and an end image
    • Paste: pastes the copied text image
  • Web component
    • URI Decode: decodes the given URI Encoded text image
  • WiFi component
    • Mac Address: returns the MAC Address of the device image

New Properties

  • Button component
    • Rotation Angle image
  • Image component
    • Clickable image
    • Image Tint Color Customizable from Blocks image
  • ListPicker component
    • Title Visible image
  • Notifier component
    • Dim Amount image
    • Use Background Color image
  • Slider component
    • Rotation Angle image
  • TextBox component
    • Rotation Angle image
  • Layout components
    • Clickable image
    • Use Round Card image
  • OCR component
    • Language image
  • EmailPicker component
    • Cursor Color image
    • Line Color image
  • FusionTables component
    • Loading Dialog Message image
    • Show Loading Dialog image
  • TinyDB component
    • Namespace image
  • Screenshot component
    • Dim Amount image
    • Notification Share Button image
    • are Permissions Granted Available at Blocks image
    • is Read Permission Granted Available at Blocks image
    • is Write Permission Granted Available at Blocks image
  • Download component
    • Requires Charging Customizable from Blocks image
    • Requires Device Idle Customizable from Blocks image

1.0.1 Andromeda | 23 June 2018

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Download app scannign QR Code (missing GPlay update, probably tomorrow it will be live)
  • Fixed: “Create” block from “FAB” was crashing companion if there was no image added
  • Fixed: ListViews
  • Fixed: Random crashes using some components

1.0.2 Andromeda | 28 June 2018

New Blocks

  • Added RemoveSideMenu block to Screen

Bugs Fixed

  • Temporarily removed Import/Export screen feature
  • Removed “wait for milliseconds” block
  • Fixed: Server error that sometimes happened when copying screens
  • Fixed: Copied screens couldn’t be opened
  • Fixed: Errors with extensions
  • Fixed: Some issues with Leadbolt component
  • Fixed: Sizing issues with CardView component
  • Fixed: TitleBar Subtitle not updating on the companion when subtitle removed
  • Fixed: Some issues with ListViewImageText

1.0.3 Andromeda | 19 July 2018

UI Changes

  • Added “Import Project” button on Projects Panel
  • Added “Loading Project” dialog
  • Imported Turkish Translation to Blockly
  • Fixed some Descriptions for some components which had a larger font
  • Made ScrollBar of Palette thicker


  • Added missing “:” to IP Address Label

New Features

  • Added “Show Ad” block for Facebook Interstitial Ad component
  • CloudDB component now handles images

Bugs Fixed

  • NullPointer Exception on some Alerts
  • NullPointer Exception on GetUserId of PushNotifications
  • Button Size wasn’t affected if Shape was set
  • Facebook Interstitial Ad should be working now

1.0.4 Andromeda | 28 July 2018

UI Changes

  • Fixed "Loading Project" dialog shown even when project loaded
  • Fixed "Blockly Panel" as it was overlapping with Components Scrollbar
  • Increased Scrollbar Width on Components panel
  • Added confirmation dialog when removing Screen
  • Added confirmation dialog when removing Project
  • Redesigned how "Component Help" is shown


  • Improved "Search Component" speed
  • Minimized CSS files to improve load time
  • Improved Blocks Editor performance

Bugs Fixed

  • Facebook Ads were not declared on Manifest
  • Sharing Component was not working
  • Removed some unused libraries (APKs should be a little bit lighter now)

1.0.5 Andromeda | 14 August 2018

UI Changes

  • Brought back AppInventor Color Picker
  • Added clickable links to "Learn more at" in components info


  • Improved Loading Project time
  • Added warning when using Builder over HTTPS
  • Removed some unused libraries from APKs
  • Integrated Fabric into Kodular Apps
    • Now we will get detailed crash info thanks to Crashlitics, which will help us to fix bugs
    • You can check the bugs that are being tracked in this repository

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed AdMob Rewarded Video (Sometimes ad weren't showing)
  • Fixed Assets Manager (Internal Error appeard sometimes)
  • Fixed OCR Component (NoPeer Certificate when making request)
  • Fixed AdMob Consent (Title was shown instead of Message)
  • Fixed Search Components (Search was performed using Component Class instead of Component Name)

Last update: January 27, 2020