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Running Kodular Starter on your PC

  1. Download the executable file for Kodular Starter v2.0 based on your OS
    • Windows - KodularStarter_windows.exe
    • macOS - KodularStarter_macos
    • Linux - KodularStarter_linux
  2. To run, follow the instructions based on your OS
    • Windows - Double-click on the executable file to run Kodular Starter.
    • macOS/Linux - Open the terminal and execute file as shown below
      kodular@Kodular ~ $ chmod +x ./path/to/KodularStarter
      kodular@Kodular ~ $ ./path/to/KodularStarter
  3. Keep Kodular Starter running while you are using the Companion via USB.

Connect to Companion

Step 1: From the App Bar, choose "Test".

Step 2: Click on "USB" and wait a few seconds.

Step 3: You've successfully linked your Android Phone to the Kodular Creator.


If you are having connection problems, check the Kodular Starter Checker.

Remember that this connecting process is not a one time process and you need to do this every time you close Kodular Creator or the Kodular Companion.

Last update: June 29, 2021