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Amazon Interstitial

Non-Visible component
Category Requires Version
Monetization > Advertising API 21, Android 5.0 Lollipop 2


An interstitial ad is a full-page ad. AdAmazonInterstitial component allows you to monetize your app. You must have a valid Amazon Application Key. If your application key is invalid, the ad will not display on the emulator or the device. Warning: Make sure you're in test mode during development to avoid being disabled for clicking your own ads.



Type: Fixed Rate Value: 9%


Ad Closed

Triggered when the close button of the interstitial ad is clicked. It's important to remember only one interstitial ad can be shown at a time. The previous ad has to be dismissed before a new ad can be shown.

Ad Collapsed

After a user clicks on the close ad button on an expanded ad, this callback is called immediately after collapsing the ad. This callback can be used to do things like resume your app or restart audio.

Ad Expanded

This callback is called each time an ad is successfully loaded. You can use this to log metrics on ad views and assist with initial integration. Detailed information about the ad that loaded can be obtained from the AdProperties object.

Ad Failed To Load

Whenever an ad fails to be retrieved, the event is called, returning the error message.

error Text
message Text

Ad Failed To Show

Called when an an attempt was made to display the ad, but the ad was not ready to display

message Text

Ad Loaded

Triggered each time an ad is successfully loaded. But you don't have to display the ad right after it's loaded. For example, set a flag to true and then at a transition point, if flag=true, then display the ad.


Load Ad

Loads a new ad.

Show Interstitial Ad

It will show the Interstitial Ad


Application Key

Text Default: ApplicationKey ➖ Write - Designer

Enter Application Key. Go to Amazon Developer Portal and sign-in for your ApplicationKey

Enable Debug

Boolean Default: True ➖ Read Write - Designer Blocks

Property for EnableDebug

Enable Geo Location Targeting

Boolean Default: True ➖ Read Write - Designer Blocks

If set to true, uses latitude and longitude coordinates as part of an ad request

Enable Testing

Boolean Default: True ➖ Read Write - Designer Blocks

For debugging / development purposes flag all ad requests as tests, but set to false for production builds

Interstitial Commission

⚠ Deprecated

Text Default: unity ➖ Write - Designer Blocks

Sets the ad network used to take the commission.

Target Age

Number Default: 0 ➖ Read Write - Designer Blocks

You can pass age information to the Amazon Mobile Ad Network to target specific age groups. If set as 0, Age Targetting will not be used

Last update: November 9, 2022