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Kodular Available Methods

Apart from available methods in MIT App Inventor 2, you may also use some custom methods that we have added. These methods were created to ease access to some features, like knowing both original and custom package name of apps.


Keep in mind these methods are only available in Kodular. This means that your extension will only work with Kodular sources if you call them directly. Keep reading to learn how to make it fully compatible.


Modify your standard and include the methods above. Even though they look like static returns, they will properly work in Kodular. You just need to declare them like that, so Java compiler understands that such methods exist.

Compatibility with MIT App Inventor 2

If you directly invoke those methods, your extension will not be compatible with other AI2 platforms, as they are Kodular specific methods. To make them compatible, you must invoke those methods using Java reflection. If you get an error, it is because the method is not available, meaning it is not running in Kodular.
See this StackOverflow answer to learn how to do it.

Available Methods


Returns the original package name, ignoring if custom package name was set. Format is io.kodular.username.app_name.


Returns true when a custom package name was set; false when using default one (returned by getKodularPackageName).


Returns the store where the app was installed from. Available return strings are:

  • Google Play
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Samsung App Store
  • Developer (installed from ADB)
  • Unknown (fallback from APK)


Returns true when app was installed from a legitime app store; false otherwise.

Last update: August 11, 2021