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Phone Call

Non-Visible component
Category Requires Version
Social API 19, Android 4.4 - 4.4.4 KitKat 2


A non-visible component that makes a phone call to the number specified in the PhoneNumber property, which can be set either in the Designer or Blocks Editor. The component has a MakePhoneCall method, enabling the program to launch a phone call.

Often, this component is used with the ContactPicker component, which lets the user select a contact from the ones stored on the phone and sets the PhoneNumber property to the contact's phone number.

To directly specify the phone number (e.g., 650-555-1212), set the PhoneNumber property to a Text with the specified digits (e.g., "6505551212"). Dashes, dots, and parentheses may be included (e.g., "(650)-555-1212") but will be ignored; spaces may not be included.



Incoming Call Answered

Event indicating that an incoming phone call is answered. phoneNumber is the incoming call phone number.

phone Number Text

Phone Call Ended

Event indicating that a phone call has ended. If status is 1, incoming call is missed or rejected; if status is 2, incoming call is answered before hanging up; if status is 3, outgoing call is hung up. phoneNumber is the ended call phone number.

status Number
phone Number Text

Phone Call Started

Event indicating that a phonecall has started. If status is 1, incoming call is ringing; if status is 2, outgoing call is dialled. phoneNumber is the incoming/outgoing phone number.

status Number
phone Number Text


Make Phone Call

Makes a phone call using the number in the PhoneNumber property.


Phone Number

Text ➖ Read Write - Designer Blocks

PhoneNumber property getter method.

Last update: March 22, 2020