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Kodular Chamaeleon

Kodular Chamaeleon

1.2 Chamaeleon | 27 October 2018

Major Changes

  • Renamed Makeroid to Kodular
  • Deployed new custom Rendezvous server
  • Improved signing APK procedure
  • Added 64bit support for apps


  • Fixed little bug when downloading APKs through HTTPS

UI Changes

  • Halloween Easter Eggs are hidden in our Creator Share the ones you find using the #halloween18 tag

Bugs Fixed

  • Critical Issue with libraries was causing apps to not open
  • User Interface
    • BottomSheet: Registering components were causing error sometimes

New Components

  • Added new Chat View component to User Interface category image|241x128
  • Added new Lottie component to Drawing and Animation category image|249x166
  • Added new Cryptography component to Storage category image|250x134

New Events

  • Web View component
    • After JS Evaluated: triggered after the JS Inject function image|333x109
    • Page Loaded: triggered after the page has been loaded at 100% image|306x84
    • On Console Message: triggered after a message is pushed to console image|354x112
    • On Download Start: triggered after a download starts image|457x110

New Functions

  • Web View component
    • Load HTML: loads and displays an HTML text image|281x75
    • Evaluate JS: executes a JS piece in the website image|286x74
    • Go Back or Forward: goes back the given steps (negative number) or forward (positive number) image|348x73
    • Reload: refreshes the current page image|240x50

New Properties

  • Web Viewer component

    • Desktop Mode: loads the page in Desktop Mode image|279x61
    • Enable JavaScript: allows the page to execute JavaScript image|293x71
    • User Agent: changes the requested User Agent image|282x71
  • Notifier component

    • Text Font Typeface: changes the font type in the message image|272x65
    • Text Font Typeface Import: loads an external font type in the message image|275x72
    • Title Color: changes the color of the title image|269x60
    • Title Font Typeface: changes the font type in the title image|277x62
    • Title Font Typeface Import: loads an external font type in the title image|241x71
  • Bottom Sheet component

    • Show Statusbar: shows or hides the statusbar image|277x68

1.2.1 Chamaeleon | 23 November 2018


UI Changes

  • Reverted Pumpkin Backpack
  • Reverted Halloween Dark Theme
  • Changed a few more references to Kodular

Bugs Fixed

Last update: January 27, 2020