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How to login into Kodular?

Note for legacy Kodular Account users

Your account credentials have been disabled as a security measure. If you were using email-password to login, please register for a new account using the same email.

At Kodular, we prioritize user security. Due to this, we have developed a new robust authentication system. You will be automatically redirected every single time to Kodular Auth if you wish to access to any service.

For example, if wanting to go to Kodular Creator, this workflow will occur:

  1. Go to
  2. When page finishes loading, you will be redirected to Kodular Auth.
  3. Optional. Register for an account if you don't have any, or use a social provider.
  4. Authenticate using your Kodular Account credentials.
  5. Optional. If your account is protected with 2FA, input the 6-digit code generated in your app.
  6. Optional. If this is your first time using a service, you will have to Authorize this service.
  7. You are redirected back to

And you are in! Remember you can manage your Kodular Account from My Kodular.

Last update: June 28, 2021