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How do I request a payout?

Payouts can be requested from My Kodular. We handle all payouts and distribute all revenue.

Funding your balance

As soon as we receive the money from Google, we will update your balance and make it available for withdrawal. This usually happens between 20th and 25th of the next month.


Once your balance has been updated, you can go ahead and request a payout.

Requesting a payout

Go to your Balance. If you have enough balance, you will be able to withdraw a custom amount.


This payout will be scheduled to be sent in the upcoming batch. If you are unable to request one, maybe checking this FAQ can solve your issue.w

Processing payouts batches

Every Monday, we process all requested payouts in different batches. Once it has been processed, it will arrive to your bank account within the next 2 business days (or instant if using PayPal as payout method).

Last update: August 5, 2021