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How can I show ads in my app?

Kodular Creator has a bunch of components that can be included in the apps you develop to show ads from various advertising networks such as Google AdMob, Unity Ads, Amazon Advertising, etc.
However, before you can start showing ads in apps that are not distributed through the Google Play Store, you need to go through an approval process.

Steps to apply for approval for serving ads

  1. Go to the Projects section of My Kodular.
  2. Select the project in which you need to serve ads.
  3. Under Monetization, click on Request Approval button.
    Note: If you have recently created the app, then you should wait for some time (48 hours) before you can request approval.
    It was necessary for us to add this timeout to avoid spammers. We hope you understand.
  4. Fill the information about the app in the form.
  5. Submit the application after carefully entering all the details.

A clear description about the functionality of the app always helps in getting the app reviewed quicker.

You will be notified about the approval. You can check the status of the application anytime on the My Kodular.
Please note that approvals for new projects may be requested only after a wait period and at most one project can be submitted for review at a time. It may take up to 2-10 days to review your application.

Last update: June 28, 2021