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How do I get invited to Kodular's new monetization program?

General Availability

It is no longer needed to use this form. Your account has been enabled automatically.

The new monetization components are currently available on an invite-only basis. We will eventually release them to everyone based on feedback from early adopters.


You can request to be sent an invite if

  • you are willing to provide detailed feedback at each state of the integration process
  • you have monetized several apps and generate considerable revenue from them
  • you can provide proof of your claimed revenue
  • your Google Ads accounts are in good standing

If you a receive an invite, you will be able to use the new Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded ad formats that can be found in the Monetization>Advertising section. You can learn more about integrating these components here.

Note that final touches are still being given to these components, so not all may always work as expected. You will be expected to provide reports to us so we can iron out any bugs in the integration process.

Last update: October 3, 2021